三浦 浩一 
ミウラ コウイチ 
MIURA Kohichi 

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日本大学短期大学部  ものづくり・サイエンス総合学科  准教授  2016/04/01-2019/03/31 
日本大学短期大学部  ものづくり・サイエンス総合学科  教授  2019/04/01-現在 

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日本大学  理工学部  機械工学  1980/03/31  卒業  国内 
日本大学  理工学研究科  機械工学  博士前期  1982/03/31  修了  国内 
日本大学  理工学研究科  機械工学専攻  博士後期  1985/03/31  単位取得満期退学  国内 

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博士(工学)  日本大学  2012/03 
工学修士  日本大学 

Expression of Motion on Flexible Body

The procedures on a dynamic analysis of multibody system are mainly developed for robotics, control of mechanical manipulators, and control of space structures; however these approaches are not suitable for grasping a broad view of motion for a flexible body, because the rotation of the whole system is difficult to define especially. How should the angular velocity of a flexible body be defined? The main purpose of this study is to define the angular velocity and the rotational axis of a whole flexible body system, for the observational analysis. A family of compact generalized formulations of rotational motion for a flexible body is derived by adopting an instantaneous rotational axis of the whole body. As an example, simulation of a motion analysis of human body on a sport, especially throwing motion analysis of a shot put, is carried out in order to verify the derived equations.

Expression on the Deflection of a Circular Cable And Its Measurement

Many mechanical systems such as industrial robots, automated production systems, and crane systems which containing cable elements, power cable, a distributing cable, and cable carrier, are able to perform variable and large transformational and rotational displacements. Along with a recent speeding up or high performances of these mechanical systems, these cable elements to meet the severe condition is required. Since it is difficult to obtain directly the torsion and the curvature of deformable cable elements, to grasp a broad view of their motion is an effective measurement.
In this study, useful methods have been investigated for the kinematical measurement of torsion and curvature of a thin round rod element which was recorded by two high-speed video cameras. In order to investigate a motion analysis of a deformable thin round rod element, a family of compact formulation of bending and twisting for a deformable thin round rod element is introduced. The rotational transformation matrix is decomposed into transformation matrixes, one is caused by bending, and another is owing to torsion 

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thrust force 
micro shaft 

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機械工学キーワード120  コロナ社  2012/03/16 

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微細電極の旋削機能付放電加工機の開発  機械技術,テクニカルレポート  2016/02 
Measuring method of distribution of abrasive grain cutting edge by means of AE sensors  Advanced Material Research  2015/07 
ばりの発生に着目した軟磁性材料切削時の工具寿命管理法について  砥粒加工学会誌  2015/07 
Estimation of grinding cycle time taking into account specific grinding force  Advances in Abrasive Technology XVII, Advanced Materials Research  2014/09 
Generation of Microelectrode for Micro EDM  Precision Machining VII, Key Engineering Materials  2013/10 

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レーザ変位計を用いた研削時の砥石熱膨張量の測定  ABTEC2018砥粒加工学会学術講演会  2018/08 
レーザプローブ方式による砥石表面形状測定器の試作  2015年度砥粒加工学会卒業研究発表会  2018/03 
旋削時の工作物支持剛性が工作物の真円度に及ぼす影響について   2018年度精密工学会春季大会,学生会員卒業研究発表講演会  2018/03 
レーザ変位計を用いた砥石熱膨張量の測定  2018年度精密工学会春季大会学生会員卒業研究発表講演会  2018/03 
高速度カメラを用いた砥石表面状態の管理手法の提案  2018年度精密工学会春季大会  2018/03 

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特許  微細工具の加工方法及び微細工具 

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精密工学会  2009/01-現在 
砥粒加工学会学  2009/01-現在