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Nihon University (45)
College of Law (147)
College of Humanities and Sciences (267)
College of Economics (133)
College of Commerce (104)
College of Art (116)
College of International Relations (56)
College of Risk Management (36)
College of Sports Sciences (36)
College of Science and Technology (346)
College of Industrial Technology (200)
College of Engineering (153)
School of Medicine (497)
School of Dentistry (166)
School of Dentistry at Matsudo (144)
College of Bioresource Sciences (279)
School of Pharmacy (68)
Distance Learning Division (14)
Nihon University Junior College (3)
Junior College(Mishima Campus) (17)
Junior College(Funabashi Campus) (27)
Graduate School of Law (55)
Graduate School of Journalism and Media (11)
Graduate School of Literature and Social Sciences (72)
Graduate School of Integrated Basic Sciences (34)
Graduate School of Economics (33)
Graduate School of Business Administration (26)
Graduate School of Art (61)
Graduate School of International Relations (18)
Graduate School of Science and Technology (195)
Graduate School of Industrial Technology (102)
Graduate School of Engineering (71)
Graduate School of Medicine (179)
Graduate School of Dentistry (80)
Graduate School of Dentistry at Matsudo (35)
Graduate School of Bioresource Sciences (126)
Graduate School of Veterinary Medicine (33)
Graduate School of Pharmacy (23)
Graduate School of Social and Cultural Studies (36)
Law School (19)
Graduate School of Intellectual Property (0)
University Research Center (URC) (3)
Institute of Quantum Science (13)
Research Institute of Educational Systems Nihon University (0)
Research Institute of Moral Civilization Nihon University (0)
Population Research Institute (NUPRI) (1)
Law Institute (0)
Political Science and Economics Institute (0)
Comparative Law Institute (0)
Institute of Journalism and Media Studies (0)
Institute of Intellectual Property (0)
The Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences (1)
The Institute of Natural Sciences (0)
The Institute of Information Sciences (1)
Research Institute of Economic Science College of Economics (0)
Institute of Business Research College of Economics (0)
Research Institute of Commerce (0)
Accounting Research Institute (0)
Institute of Information Science (0)
Art Institute (2)
Research Institute of Science for Living College of International Relations (1)
College of International Relations Research Institute of International Relations (0)
The Research Institute of Science and Technology (1)
Research Institute of Industiral Technology (0)
Research Institute of Engineering (0)
Research Institute of Medical Science (0)
School of Dentistry Dental Research Center (1)
School of Dentistry at Matsudo Research Institute of Oral Science (2)
General Research Institute (Bioresource Sciences) (0)
Regional Research Institute of Agriculture in the Pacific Basin (RRIAP)(Bio.Sci.) (2)
Life Science Research Center College of Bioresource Sciences (0)
Reseach Institute of Pharmacy (0)
Research Institute of Continuing Education(Correspond.) (0)
Itabashi Hospital (School of Medicine) (3)
Nursing School attached to School of Medicine (5)
Nihon University Hospital (1)
Hospital,School of Dentistry At Surugadai (0)
Hospital,School of Dentistry At Matsudo (2)
Veterinary Hospital (0)
Shimoda Marine Research Center College of Bioresource Sciences (0)
Institute of Livestock Processing (0)
College of Bioresource Sciences Center for Natural Environmental Sciences (1)
Center for China and Asian Studies (CCAS) (0)
Research Institute of Risk Management (0)
Research Institute of Sports Sciences (0)